1. Can I get my purchases freight to me?

Yes, we are partnering with BIG POST, so you can choose from all the most popular freight companies like Toll, Northline, Hi-Trans, Allied Express, TNT Road Express, Couriers Please and more to ship your items. There is a quick shipping quote button on each product page so you can easily request a shipping quote. Alternatively, you can get a total freight quote for all your items from our website when you place your order at checkout or contact us on 0413 265 957 or info@bothwellcanopy.com.au for quotes and enquiries.

2. Do you also install your products?

Yes, we can offer an installation service for all our canopies. We have also partnered with a neighbouring business that helps with more complex installations. If installation is required, we can always put you in touch with the right people.

3. Can I order a custom-built Tray, Canopy and Toolbox?

Yes, we can manufacture custom-built heavy-duty aluminium toolboxes, canopies and trays for all major vehicle brands. Please fill in the custom quote form here, or email your inquiry to info@bothwellcanopy.com.au or call 0413 265 957, we will get a quotation for you as soon as possible.

4. How strong is the roof of your canopy? Can I fit a rooftop tent?

With a full internal reinforced bracing frame, our canopies can usually hold up to 500KG on top when distributed evenly. The roof will carry the weight of any roof tent in the market.

5. Are your boxes Australian-made?

No, we do all design, engineering and testing here in Australia however rely on our own overseas manufacturing facility to produce our products. This enables us to have total control over the quality of the product and ensures our prices are competitive without compromising on quality. 

6. Can I have the same locks for all my toolboxes?

Yes, you definitely can. We will be able to provide one master key to be used for all toolboxes purchased through us.

7. Can I have windows fitted on my canopy?

Yes, we can have some standard pre-made canopies fitted windows with clear Acrylic board and protector. We also offer to fit windows on any canopy you’d like.

8. Do you offer powder coating service?

Yes, we also provide a powder coating service; no job is too small.

9. Can I have a reverse camera and sensors fitted to my canopy and tray?

We can relocate the reverse cameras and sensors fitted to most utes as part of our tray fitment package.

10. What is your lead time on shipping?

Please refer to our delivery information for all freight-related questions.

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